April 27 – June 3, 2018
Opening reception: Friday, April 27, 6–8 PM

For immediate release:

Adam Taye’s first show at Rawson Projects features several works of raw edge embroidery. The works exist at the intersection of Gada Ahmer, Jasper Johns, quilting, Donald Rumsfeld, Claus Oldenburg, the New Testament, Warholian corporate branding and the NRA. 


Taye's appropriation of Bill Jordan’s Realtree camouflage pattern explores more formal elements of interspecific color theory. Some megafauna “don’t see color” as humans do, hence the common knowledge that bright orange is a color one does not to shoot at. Camouflage works in two ways: An object can mimic its background and/or it can disrupt its profile. The artist's Invisible Targets works do the former, giving us different interpretations of “known unknowns.”


After Last Supper revisits a familiar scene where the fated targets attempt to deny fate, an uneasy balance between shape and form. 


Solar Powered Laser (Red Dot) offers rumination on the commodification of art, alternative energy, and the profiteering from dull threat of gun violence.


Portrait (Study in Orange) offers us a societal Rorsatch test, a figure rendered in a bullet proof color out of deference or an entreaty not to grant the immortality that martyrdom could offer.


Adam Taye lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.