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February 2April 2, 2017


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Rawson Projects is very excited to announce the second iteration of A Process Series, a sequence of mini solo exhibitions that invites each artist to transform the gallery space in order to present and explore the inspiration behind their most recent work. 


A Process Series II invites four female artists to reflect on how politics influences their artistic practice. Each comes from a different background and works in a different medium, but all use their artistic voice to explore our contemporary political reality from their own unique perspective. 


In the urgency of this current political climate Rawson Projects asks simply “what is inspiring you now?” and then gives these four artists a carte blanche gallery space in which to reply. Encouraging experimentation in medium specificity and audience engagement, this two month program opens up a conversation around creative influence, politics and identity: What is the artist’s role at this moment in addressing contemporary events? Is a politically engaged artistic process equal to art activism or is it an inherent feature in any significant contemporary art practice? How does art stay relevant and necessary in an extreme political reality? 




Katie Holten: #RiseResistRepeat

Reception for the artist: Thursday, February 16 from 6–8 PM

February 16–26, 2017


From February 16–26 (days 28–38 of the new administration), Katie Holten, will move her studio into the gallery, transforming it into a space for reflection, conversation, and production– "You’re invited to join me for a cup of tea and a chat, or to browse my library of resistance, or to sit and write a letter to your elected officials, or loved ones, using my new Pussy font." 


#RiseResistRepeat includes daily actions, work in progress, and hundreds of photographs that the artist has taken since before the election of people and their signs. Also on view is a print drawn with artist's Tree Alphabet, a font that considers our relationship with language, landscape, and perception as our species adapts to life in the Anthropocene. For the recent group exhibition Nasty Women at the Knockdown Center, the artist created a Pussy Alphabet. It's now available as a font as well.


Please note, on February 17th the exhibition will be closed as the artist will attend the General Strike with NY Indivisible


On Sunday February 19th, Katie and her partner Dillon Cohen will host Storytelling in the Anthropocene a Sunday Salon at the Abrons Arts Center, from 3–5 pm. Before the salon, the artist will give a tour of her show at the gallery at 2pm and then we will walk over to Abrons together. All welcome.


Katie Holten is an artist based in New York. She grew up in Ireland and studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, the Hochschule der Kunst in Berlin, and Cornell University in New York. In 2003 she represented Ireland at the 50th Venice Biennale. She has had solo museum exhibitions at the New Orleans Museum of Art (2012); Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, (2010); The Bronx Museum, New York (2009); Villa Merkel, Esslingen, Germany (2008); Nevada Museum of Art, Reno (2008) and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (2007).


Katie Holten has received numerous awards including bursaries from The Arts Council of Ireland, a Fulbright Scholarship, and a Pollock Krasner Award. Deeply committed to social causes, especially as they pertain to environmental issues, Holten makes drawings, sculptures, installations, books, public artworks and ephemeral actions. She often works on site to explore the history, ecology, and other invisible aspects of an environment. At the root of her practice is a fascination with the contingency of organic and man-made systems and the inextricable relationship between humans and the natural world.



For more information please contact the gallery at info@rawsonprojects.com or call 212 256 0379