April 21–June 4, 2017

Opening reception: Friday, April 21, 6–8 PM

For immediate release:


Rawson Projects is very excited to announce its first solo show with Lizzie Wright. The gallery has previously shown the artist's work in the group exhibition Purified Thoughts curated by Jon Lutz and at NADA New York in a two-person presentation with Ben Berlow. 

Lizzie Wright is a co-founder of the performance duo Clean Penny Service and was a founding member of Essex Flowers. 

A statement by the artist about her current show at the gallery follows: 

"One summer during college, I was hiking with a friend in parts unknown and we got lost and came down on the wrong side of a mountain. Night fell. We had no maps or cell phones. Eventually, we came upon a view below us of a lonely country road beside which sat a log cabin in a small clearing. We stared down at the cabin contemplating approaching for help, but hung back watching, because the cabin seemed to emit a soft yellow-green glow, ever so faintly, but definitely eerily.

Log Cabin Light reimagines an architectural layout of a simple home within the space of the gallery. As though the viewer has stumbled upon the ruins of a cabin while out for a hike, the sculptures are both what might remain and what is imagined if the objects have lived on, evolved on their own, shifted into the future. Waiting to be sensed are a waft of smoke, animals, and a female presence. The works in the show are concerned with glowing and reflective light, and its ability to transmit mood and tone. Bone-like frameworks of wood with bits of fur held together by threaded rod softly emit color. Shimmery stacks of ceramic pancakes reflect like a gazing ball, an illuminated etched ostrich egg suggests a sort of head/moon, a chimney turned monument narrowly sandwiches the colors of a flame. Borrowing its title from the low calorie syrup, Log Cabin Light playfully explores the tension between being light-filled and light-weight and the relationship between comfort and anxiety."

Lizzie Wright was born in Louisiana, and lives and works in New York. She has exhibited with Essex Flowers, NY; Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NY; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn; Rawson Projects, NY; Regina Rex, NY; Brooklyn; Museum 52, NY; Artist Curated Projects and Three Days Awake, Los Angeles; Adds Donna, Chicago; Katzen American University, Washington, D.C. She received an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University.


For more information please contact the gallery at info@rawsonprojects.com or call 212 256 0379