For immedaite release 


For NADA x Foreland, Rawson Projects is presenting a new sculpture by Lizzie Wright. Untitled (Glass Mailbox), 2021 resembles a mailbox or an elevated tombstone. The work is mainly constructed with fused discarded glass imprinted with tire treads and bolted onto a metal and plexiglass framework. Concealed LED lighting runs down the center of the piece like a softly glowing spinal cord. 


About her practice, the artist writes:


“I think of my sculptures as Frankenstein-like constructions brought to life by flowing electricity. A major concern of my work is glowing and reflective light; its ability to transmit mood, tone, and emotion. Adaptivity and transparency of form are prioritized. Working with scrap or found materials challenges me to reconsider my concept of damage and align it more with healing rather than hiding. Questions of spirituality and presence are evoked in the work’s tone. I am drawn to moments of paused movement— in this new work,  the resting place of circulating mail or of car tires or of a body in a grave. These pauses inspire moments of presence and contemplation where the everyday becomes ethereal.” 


Lizzie Wright was born in Louisiana, and lives and works in the Catskills. She received an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University. She has exhibited at a variety of spaces including Marinaro Gallery, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans; Rawson Projects, NY; Essex Flowers, NY; Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NY; Camayuhs, Atlanta; Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles; and Adds Donna, Chicago. The artist’s 2017 solo show at Rawson Projects entitled 'Log Cabin Light' was reviewed in the New Yorker. In addition to her solo show at the gallery, Rawson Projects has presented the artist's work in its first group show 'Pure Thoughts' (curated by Jon Lutz) in 2010 as well as at NADA New York in 2014.


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